Boston’s Creatures of the Night

In this bleak afterlife, it’s hard not to feel like a chessboard has been set. Everything is meticulously arranged by shadowy Elders, deep in slumber and equally deep in madness and malevolence. Boston is rigidly controlled, a close-knit group of Prince and Primogen seated for more than a century. A stopping point for trade of certain “artifacts”, it is rumored, Boston enjoys many prestigious visits and the residence of “A-Listers” seeking a safer, lower-key existence than in New York City.

Points west of Boston, by a comparison, are a refuge for solitary hunters, be they Camarilla or not. Nominally the area falls under control of Prince Nicodemo, but it does not produce fine luxuries or indeed look very glamorous, so the good Prince completely ignores the region. It has become a melting pot of political refugees, social outcasts, “second childer” and transplants from other cities on all sides.

Just outside Worcester, in sleepy, run-down industrial towns, the Kindred are getting restless. Boston is reaching an unusually long arm of the law. Carnevale has left, and left an unusually bad taste in the mouths of the Sabbat. Even the Kine are restless, as if the herd are subconsciously sensing the tension in the air. It is a time for unlikely alliances and bold moves. When the time comes, and it most certainly will, who will defend the Hunting Ground? Who will rise to power?

In crypts and hidden places deep in the earth, the elders stir, sensing a tiny, insignificant threat to their plan…

Boston by Starlight

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